In need of accommodation for a weekend away, or a holiday, but don’t want to pay a fortune for a hotel or chalet? Or you want to explore the wilder, more remote places in South and Southern Africa, but you need the space and convenience of a rugged trailer, without making the big capital outlay that a modern off road trailer and camping equipment requires?

Or maybe you are considering taking up this lifestyle, but you want to try it out before taking the big financial leap?

We have the solution for you! Rent everything you need for that weekend or holiday from Ingwe Rental. Here we live the same life, and all our equipment has been tested and proven throughout Southern Africa.

Who are we?

Ingwe Rental is a Pretoria-based company that rents out a range of off road camping trailers.

What do we do?

We rent out fully equipped trailers to clients. There a 3 different size trailers in the fleet, all fitted with a similar level of equipment. We also have some other accessories, eg solar panels, which are available but can only be hired in conjunction with a trailer.

We also undertake custom projects to manufacture specific equipment, or vehicle installations, as required by clients. Please contact us for more details, if you have any requirement.

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